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Brian George McKay

Brian worked at many jobs and developed jack-of-all-trades ability with strengths in skills beyond a 'DIY' capability - welding, plumbing, bricklaying, electrical wiring, to name a few. No doubt he picked up many practical skills growing up in the rural environments we lived in.

He joined the British army twice, on the first occasion serving with the RAOC (?) and earning best recruit award for his intake, an achievement that reached the pages of the local newspaper for Elgin, The Northern Scot, with accompanying photograph. On his second stint in the army several years later he served in the Gordon Highlanders after forays into at least one other regiment, and had more than one tour of duty in Northern Ireland during 'the troubles' in the early-mid 1970's, Whilst with The Gordons he also served for about three years in Singapore, returning to Fort George on the Moray Firth.

Brian then worked for some time in the oil rig construction industry as a welder at Ardersier on the Moray coast, and when he finished there his employment included tyre fitter and farm labourer.

Having several girlfriends in earlier years, he eventually married Margaret Cowie from Buckie in Elgin some time after leaving The Gordons and lived variously in Buckie and Elgin. The marriage lasted only a few years and there were no children. The search for employment drew Brian to Glasgow where he remained for the last 14 years of his life.

Brian died just weeks before his 55th birthday, in Glasgow, April 2006.

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