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A more detailed tree including Karen's family members will be added soon. In the meantime here are some details:-

Father: Bernard McLaughlin Lynch.

Tobacco Checker, W.D. & H.O. Wills. Bernard's Family:-

Father: Alexander Lynch, cattle drover (Glasgow Mart)
Mother: Catherine Lynch (née Weir)


  • Alexander b.1915: died Glasgow
  • Jack b.1923:
  • Vincent 1924-1995: Died Manchester
  • James 1930-198x: Died Manchester


  • Sadie 1913-1989: Died Whitburn
  • Catherine 1917-198x: Died Glasgow
  • Annie 1919-2009: Died Glasgow
  • M. (Annie's twin) 1919: Died Glasgow in Infancy
  • Annie 1919-2009: Died Glasgow
  • Patricia 1931-1949: Died Glasgow

Mother: Margaret Gordon.

Margaret's Family:-

Father: Unknown
Mother: Mary Gordon
Grandfather: John Gordon (1866-1924), 1 Station Road Burghead
Grandmother: Margaret Gordon (nee Rigby)


  • Jock b.19xx: Lives in Australia

Karen's Siblings

  • Lillian McLaughlin 1952-1963: Died in Glasgow
  • Brian Gordon b.1954: Lives in Blanefield
  • Bernard Weir b.1959: Lives in Milton of Campsie
  • Elaine Margaret b.1961: Lives in Biggar

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