Mary Granger McKay (nee Newlands) 1855-1944

Mary Newlands was born on 24th October 1855 in Slateford, then a village outside Edinburgh, in the Parish of Colinton. Virtually nothing remains of the old village and today the area is a suburb of Edinburgh comprised of light industry and high density housing. Mary was the eldest child of James Newlands and Christina Dickie who had been married the previous yaer in the Parish of Keithhall, Aberdeenshire.

At the time of Mary's birth her father was a county Police Officer, although he subsequently became a shoemaker. The family returned to the father's home village of Botriphnie, Banffshire not too long afterwards and the next record we have of Mary is in 1881 when she was living at a farm called Followsters, outside Newmill, also in Banffshire. Shortly after, on 14th January 1882 Mary married the younger son of the neighbouring property, George McKay - a husband who was her junior by seven years.

For the first twelve years of her married life Mary shared the house at Lockers with her widowed mother-in-law and it is interesting to note that when one of her own sons in turn brought his own bride home to Lockers forty years later, she herself moved out and left them to their own devices. George and Mary had a large family of ten children, eight sons and two daughters, all of whom were born at Lockers. These were Peter, John, George, Isabella, Frank, William, James, Mary, Robert and Alfred. The youngest and last surviving member of this family, Alfred, died at Elgin on 25th April 1984 aged 85.

After her husband's death in 1915 Mary took over the reins at Lockers, as she had done during his absences from home in earlier years (George had been a cattle and horse dealer). On the marriage of her own son Robert in the early 1920's she moved into Newmill and lived there until she died in March 1944 at the age of 88. Mary Newlands is buried at Keith alongside her husband George and two of their sons, James who died in 1913 aged 30, and George who died in 1951 aged 67.

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Mary McKay (Newlands) of Lockers

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